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Architectural Exchange is a platform for partnership and development

Architectural Exchange – a platform for partnershipArchitectural Exchange is a platform for partnership and development. It’s a great chance to find both customers & experts. Architectural Exchange is it too easy for searching both customers which appreciate the quality and professionalism in the work performance and architects and interior designers who can skillfully implement the most incredible customer’s project, thus having realized his «a pipe dream» to a higher specification. This is a new idea and we hope that it will not only be successful and popular, but also can help the visitors of this site to find useful information as to home refurbishment services, interior designers, architecture studios, landscape projects from different countries and everything that is connected with coziness and home comfort.

Architectural Exchange – a great chance for customers and expertsArchitectural Exchange was designed to put in touch experts with customers. The feature of this project is that this searching will not be limited to only one city or a country. It would be unforgivable if in this information technology age and a high-speed Internet access, not to give people any opportunity to get maximum of useful information and establish necessary contacts, if desired, for example, a Russian-speaking customer could find an Italian architect to design his dream home. As well as interior designers and architectsfrom different countries would be able to offer their professional services to the customers from other countries which visit Masterskaya Uyuta site and look exact for a foreign interior designer or an architectural studio to create a special comfort in their home.

Architectural Exchange – a good way for cooperation and specialists’ searching

Architectural Exchange – a good way for cooperation and specialists’ searchingThe visitors from more than 80 countries of the world visit this site and it is a good opportunity to combine interests of people from different countries through Architectural Exchange where everyone can find useful information. Some ones are looking for customers, others trying to find architects and interior designers or some partners. There is also a great possibility to post comments or recommend those or other professionals in Architectural Exchange. For anyone request to find a customer or leave feedback about an expert’s work, please send us e-mail and after moderation a message will appear on the pages of Architectural Exchange.

For CUSTOMER SEARCHING section you should provide the following information:

  • Company name, country;
  • Kind of service you are ready to offer;
  • Contact person (name, surname);
  • Contact information (phone number, e-mail, website address).

For EXPERT SEARCHING section you should provide the following information:

  • Country, city;
  • What kind of service you need;
  • Contact person (name, surname);
  • Contact information (phone number, e-mail).

Actually, Architectural Exchange is like an online classified, but on an international scale, so join us, dear friends. If you are looking for an architect or interior designer for your home refurbishment or if you are an expert in construction, architecture or interior design development – let the whole world knows about it, as the saying is: «Who knocks, the door will be opened».

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